Courses Offered



Department of Resource Engineering and Automation (DREAM)

              Program Offered: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering (5 yrs)
                                         (Level III Accredited by AACCUP)

               Program Objectives

                         Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

  • Train students in the application of engineering principles particularly in the solution of problems related to agroindustrial development;
  • Prepare them to become professionals with entry level competencies;
  • Develop appreciation in the students, of the potentials of an agricultural engineering business enterprise;
  • Instill in the students a concern for the preservation and protection of the natural environment; and
  • Prepare students for advanced studies

Department of Computer Science and Automation (DCSA)

              Program Offered:

                                         Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (4yrs)
                                         (Level I Accredited by AACCUP)
                                         Diploma in Computer Programming (2 yrs)
                                         Diploma in Computer Secretarial (2 yrs)

Department of Geodetic Engineering (DGE)

                Program Offered: Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering